Psychological Resilience

for Parents

Erasmus+ KA2 strategic partnership for innovation

Psychological Resilience 
for Parents!

The partnership will create/design educational material, so that working with psychological resilience in parents, we expect to inspire and influence parents all over Europe and beyond!

My body and senses

How a parent can help a child build resilience resources

My mind and beliefs

What the parent can say to the child, what kind of narrative is supportive of mental resilience

Me in society

How to build social competence and thinking about others

Me and the universe

Factors building a sense of community and meaning like

About Us

Meet the partners

Learn about Psychological Resilience for Parents!

The project involves 5 partners from different countries (Poland, Greece, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Italy). Among the partners are an adult educational center, an organization, no-profit organization, Language school.


Working hours


Completed Projects


Educational modules



Intellectual Outputs

The project is going to offer access to the following outcomes


Resilience manual for parents

“Resilience manual for parents” takes parenthood into a new dimension.

Activities and tools for parents

Set of tools and exercises/activities for parents to work on.

Resilience Multimedia Platform

Multimedia platform for parents is an ambitious IT tool for parents.

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