Attachment theory & Attachment Parenting

Noticing & Releasing body tension is a sample activity for the Attachment theory & Attachment Parenting chapter.


Noticing & Releasing body tension


the body and senses
the emotions


Attachment theory & Attachment Parenting

Aim of the activity

The aim of the activity is to raise awareness of tension cumulated in different body parts and releasing it by breathing exercises.

Target group



10 min



How do you feel after this exercise? How is your body? Do you feel any tension? If yes, where is it located in your body? Or maybe you feel sort of a relief?  And how is your mind? Try to name the emotions you are experiencing at the moment? Are you happy, sad, worried, excited? Think of as many emotions as you can find. How do you think this exercise may be helpful for you? Have you tried any breathing exercises so far? For how long? Did it work for you? If not, do you think there are some other types of breathing exercises you may try? And what in your opinion could be the results of such exercises in the short and in the long run? Share your reflections here.


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