Cognitive and Behavioral Psychology

Thoughts like balloons is a sample activity for the Cognitive and Behavioral Psychology chapter.


Thoughts like balloons


the emotions
the mind and beliefs


Cognitive and Behavioral Psychology

Aim of the activity

Thanks to this exercise, we can teach children to distance themselves from negative thoughts and judgments and emotions that are a comment overheard somewhere or an inner speech.

Target group

parents with kids
the adult educators


15 min



This exercise can show children the meaning of being positive about the world. In their everyday life, there will be both positive and negative expressions about the world, other people or themselves.

Thanks to the exercise, the child learns to “keep to himself” positive comments that will help him in everyday life and development. Negative comments about yourself, for example “you are too fat”, which over time turn into inner speech, because the child absolutely believes in the words of his peers, thanks to playing with balloons, they can be permanently destroyed.


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