The Partners

Areadne Lifelong Learning Centre Greece

Areadne is an accredited Lifelong Learning Centre in Greece (Acc. No. 2101309) specializing in professional and vocational programmes for NEETs, professionals and the general public. It came about after IP Educational and An.Di. IT Solutions merged in 2015. We offer online and face-to-face courses in Greek and English at various levels of the Hellenic Qualifications Framework (equivalent to the European Qualifications Framework). Our courses include languages, ICT, teacher training, tourism studies, business administration and more. Most of our courses include internships or other practical elements. Furthermore, we design or evaluate courses for businesses and other organisations. Areadne employs 10 learning consultants/ trainers, all of whom hold advanced postgraduate degrees and over 10 years of experience in their area of expertise. Organizations we work with include schools, universities, national and international training companies and organizations, national and international NGOs, Chambers of Commerce, Employer and Employee organizations, local, national and international corporations. Our training centre is fully accessible by people with needs.

Institute of Development

The Institute of Development was established in 2003. Its vision is to contribute to the improvement of the society’s quality of life through the continuous development of the individual, the family, the human resources of businesses and educational organisations. It conducts research and offers trainings and consulting services dealing with societal and organizational challenges. It has a wide network with parents and teachers of all levels and collaborates closely with the Cyprus Pedagogical Institute and the Pancyprian Parents School. The IoD has been implementing the “ARETI” programme since 2007, which is an education programme in 12 basic life values which form the basis for shaping good character. It is addressed to children, parents and teachers, giving special emphasis on the moral, emotional and social development. Also, the Institute of Development, started the programme “Positive Learning” which is concerned with the applications of positive psychology in education. It has participated in a variety of EU projects that include applications of positive psychology to support different target groups such as youth, primary and high school students, parents, unemployed and workers.


Since its founding in 2002, the Language school PELICAN Brno organizes individual, group and company courses and one-year lasting post-secondary course of English, German and other languages with students status and Czech language courses for foreigners . PELICAN is located in the very centre of Brno, Czech Republic.

Language school PELICAN organizes language exams in six world languages at various levels (A1, A2, B1, B2, C1). In our school, you can prepare for the exams in one of the preparatory courses. In 2018, our school officially became the preparatory centre for the Cambridge English Language Assessment.

Language teaching at PELICAN keeps pace with the rushing time by providing online languages courses “remotely” through the online communication platform Skype, as well as virtual online classes on the Moodle platform and other tools for the production of educational materials.

Language school PELICAN is engaged in several other activities beyond the scope of teaching itself. Most of these activities are covered by the non-profit organisation Association PELICAN, which seeks to promote innovation in education, intercultural understanding and cooperation, the inclusion of minorities and work with youth.

The activities of Association PELICAN build on the long-term efforts of the Language school PELICAN to expand and improve teaching methods in the language and other courses it provides. The main goal of the Association PELICAN is the methodological support and development of lecturers. Within the European educational projects and cooperation with organisations in the European and global scale, they support them by the development of educational materials, tools, teaching methods and new didactic approaches.

Submeet – Incontrarsi per Crescere is a no-profit organization established to promote transnational community activities, boost community engagement and attract incoming mobility in the areas of youth, education and vocational training. Submeet is positioned between the formal school and the labour market, focussing on young people mainly through the new European program Erasmus+ and its various strands.

Submeet work with closely with many local, regional and national stakeholders and believe in cooperation and collaboration to achieve results that benefit the community. They have access to regional municipalities and have the remit to develop environmental, tourist, educational and community projects that enrich the region of Abruzzo. We can count on our own and associate partner expertise in this project.